The Caledonian Tour Rules

The TCT Rules

Following on from the success of the first years Tour we do not foresee a need for any change in the current rules


That said any suggestions or ideas are always welcome.


1. Any group of 4 players, aged over 50 as at 30th June 2017, will be eligible to enter the Caledonian Tour and be awarded  Caledonian Tour points.


2. On award of Caledonian Tour points, the full name of players used in the tournaments (including any substitutes) must be submitted to the Caledonian Tour committee.


3. In order for all points on the Caledonian Tour Leaderboard to remain valid under one team, no more than six players may be used in any given season.


4. If, during one season, a team exceeds the player limit in events where points are won, the second team under the same name will be listed on the Leaderboard. Teams will have the right to determine which 6 players will be named as the first team in order to optimise leaderboard points.


5. All tournaments will have an equal number of points on offer.


6. Points will be allocated on the following basis: -


Þ Winner: 15 Pts

Þ Runner-Up: 11 Pts

Þ Semi-Finalists: 8 Pts

Þ Quarter-Finalists: 5 Pts


7. Points awarded will be collated via The Caledonian Tour Online Leaderboard.


8. At the end of the season prizes will be awarded to top ranked teams as determined by the Caledonian Tour Leaderboard.


9. Where two or more teams are tied at the end of the season the below rules, in order apply to determine ranking: -


Þ Highest number of Tournament Wins

Þ Highest Number of tournaments entered

Þ Highest number of finishes in the points.


10. Game rules and tournament format will be determined by each tournament organising committee. All      Tournaments will require to determine the Winning Rink, Runner-up, Semi-Finalists and Quarter-Finalists.